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If you’ve ever looked closely at a test stick (Home Pregnancy Test- HPT or Ovulation Predictor Kit- OPK) and tried to decipher the result, you probably know that it is sometimes not as obvious as you might expect. The HPT/OPK Photo Gallery is a collection of user submitted photos of their tests in real situations. You can then check your brand and see how these tests look.

Keywords and Search

Photos are tagged with specific keywords to give more context to each test. For example, the photo can be associated with its brand as well as the Cycle Day (CD) or Days Past Ovulation (DPO) at which the test was taken. You can also see error tests with common mistakes.

FertilityFriend.com’s HPT/OPK photo gallery offers an extensive list of keywords that you can associate with your entry. The search feature includes specific criteria to filter your results and narrow it down to what you really want to see.

In addition, you can look at zoomed views and use the invert feature to make the lines easier to see.


The gallery also offers stats on tests organized by brand so you can see how the community uses these tests.


To access the Test Photo Gallery, login to the App (On the web or on your smartphone) and tap “More menu/Community/HPT-OPK Photo Gallery”.

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