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With 650, 000+ pregnancies (and counting!), FertilityFriend.com is the leading destination for women trying to conceive. The centerpiece of FertilityFriend.com is a state of the art, easy to use, fertility charting app for mobile devices, tablets and the web. FertilityFriend.com pioneered the concept of online fertility charting in 1998 and brought fertility charting to mobile in 2008.

FertilityFriend.com's Apps and algorithms are continuously updated, making the best use of machine learning to provide the most sophisticated, accurate and comprehensive analysis of your fertility signs.

Knowledge and Technology: Via our charting Apps, extensive educational material and community, we connect, support, inform and empower women who want to use their own fertility signals to help them conceive and take control over their trying to conceive experience.

It Works: Using personal accounts on our system, members enter their fertility information using FertilityFriend.com's Apps. A personal fertility chart and a detailed analysis are automatically created for them. This interactive feedback identifies their ovulation day and fertile days so that they can time intercourse for the best conception chances. It provides a wealth of information about their fertility- all designed to enhance conception chances. Our members are in control of their trying to conceive experience.

Highest Ethics: FertilityFriend.com maintains the highest ethical standards. Our strict privacy policy and our operation procedures provide our members with a safe environment. In addition, FertilityFriend.com is completely ad-free and refuses sponsorship and advertising revenue from third parties. Refusing this revenue allows us to preserve our focus on what we do best: providing the most reliable and comprehensive fertility charts and analysis to women trying to conceive.

Fully Maintained: FertilityFriend.com's team of professionals works continuously to improve the quality, accuracy and reliability of our service. We rely on the most up to date scientific methods and the best technology to bring sophisticated analysis to our members in an easy to read format.

On Your Side: Our focus is our members. We are deeply honored to be involved in this precious and most special of life's journeys.


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