How Membership Works

Simple & Trustworthy

You do not have to take our words for granted. We give every new member access to our premium feature without any obligation or commitment (or anything to cancel). We trust you and we are confident that our service is the very best available.

  • Step 1. Sign up for your Free Registration or download the app and tap the New User button. Your Free Registration starts with 30 free days of premium features. You can try out and benefit from most of the VIP features, support and services with no commitment or obligation. Nothing to cancel.

    Please note that a few features require a paid membership and are not available for trial. We offer short terms (30 days) paid memberships if you want to experience those few features without long term commitments.

  • Step 2. After 30 days you decide which level of membership is right for you. To continue using all the premium features, choose the a VIP membership package that suits your needs. No auto renewal so you never have to worry about canceling. Just purchase the duration that you feel comfortable committing to and nothing else.

    If you decide not to become a VIP member, your account will automatically be converted to a free membership. You can keep charting with, take advantage of all features of the free membership and you can decide to become a VIP member at any time later on.

Fertility Friend's two Levels of Membership:

  • VIP Membership: Your VIP membership, available for specific durations with appropriate discount rates offers access to all VIP features on a time limited basis. The VIP membership includes all features of the basic membership as well. See Details

  • Free Membership: Your Free Basic Membership allows you to chart with Fertility Friend and share your chart with others. For more details check the membership comparison sheet

We have summarized the differences between memberships on a convenient comparison table.

All Fertility Friend memberships access from the web app and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android). You can access your data anywhere where you have an Internet connection, independent of the make of your computer or smartphone.

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